Laboratory – Stuart

Discontinuous high temperature/pressure rope dyeing machines with nominal loading capacity from 5 to 10 kilos. It’s the first and unique laboratory machine available on the market with consistent final liquor ratio 1:4 – 1:5 regardless of the fabric load (from 5 to 10 kilos). Stuart faithfully reproduces the sampling and production machines working conditions, allowing the use of the same liquor ratios and the same working cycles used in the sampling machines and in the production machines later.

The machine is equipped with the same functions and technical devices as the sampling and production machines with the huge advantage of:

– realizing/studying new formulations and new production cycles directly in the laboratory

– reproduce already existing production formulas and optimized them in order to reduce manufacturing times and energy consumption

– allowing the use of the formula/cycle prepared in the laboratory for the mass production.

Stuart – machine configuration and optionals

  • PH reading and control system
  • Reading system and automatic conductivity control 
  • Kit of filters and steam trap