Production – Daniflow

Daniflow is an high temperature/pressure rope dyeing machine. Its main features are the operational simplicity,  the high level of automation, the monitoring of all the process phases and the extreme versatility/flexibility.

Daniflow ensures the lowest energy consumption with the consequent reduction of the environmental impact.

 The liquor uniformity contained into the dyeing machine is the primary aim of any exhaust dyeing machine and in that Daniflow encloses high level technical solutions which provide the best dyeing results while ensuring a lower energy consumption and unrivaled performances compared with any other machine available on the market.

Daniflow is available with different load capacities and in special versions for knit, woven and Terry towel.


100% cotton bases

Process description: Bleaching/Reactive Dyeing/ Washing/Soaping 

Loading and unloading times included




Process Time

Light Shade 20/22 1,6 0,116 3 h 40 min
Medium Shade 25/26 1,8 0,127 4 h
Dark Shade 28/32 2,1 0,143 4 h 30 min
Special Shade 35/36 2,5 0,151 4 h 45 min

Daniflow – Technical Features

Iws is a liquor analysis sensor inside the machine that allows to know the condition of the liquor  at any time thanks to the innovative hydraulic solutions of the Daniflow and, by an accurate control of the liquor level, the Daniflow works at extremely low water levels.

Thanks to the IWS system the Daniflow ansures an automatic process management by the control system, optimizing all the washing, soaping and rinsing stages in accordance with the quantity of fabric, the recipe,  the dyestuff trichromies  and the standard of fabric fastness required by the customer.

The mixing of bath is one of the main aspects in order to obtain a fast and uniform dyeing, particularly related to the dyestuff and chemical products dosing.

Daniflow has a mixing system that, with the help of an auxiliary circulation pump, intervenes in all the points of the machine.

Pumps aspiration and an appropriate piping are spread over all the lower part of the machine so as to avoid dangerous liquor localizations.

The double support Daniflow’s internal reel ensures greater mechanical stability and, as a consequence, a longer durability of its components, such as mechanical seals and bearings.

A rubber profiles quick change system, the automatic lubrification system and a cleaning system complete the turret.

The in-line pump with its transmission elastic joint offers a better mechanical stability and a longer bearings durability and mechanical seal. Moreover, thanks to the elastic joint, the pump maintenence today is extremely easier.

The PCS system allows the user to minimize the parameters setting operations.

Thanks to a particular software developed in Danitech, all the machine parameters, like pump speed, liquor ratio,  fabrics absorption, fabric lap  time, variable nozzle position, etc. are automatically managed by the PCS system, ensuring in that way a perfect reproducibility of the process and making the machine User-frendly.

Innovative coupling system which offers, a part from the classic coupling system between machines with the same nominal load capaity, the possibility of coupling also machines with different load capacity.

The ecs ECS system considerably increases the machine production versatility and, as a result, optimizes the energetic consumption.

The new bath distribution system (patent pending) ensures the same flow delivery to each machine nozzle.

Inside the collector there is a special diffuser which provides with a perfect flows division proportionally to the nozzle number.

The variable nozzle offers the possibility of working without problems a wide range of fabrics, along with the internal PLAITERS SYSTEM and the special structure of the internal basket which make Daniflow an extremely flexible and easy-to-use machine.

Daniflow is provided together with a standard configuration with two indipendent chemicals tank comprehensive of:

– Dosingpump

– Sensor level (pressostat)

– Filters

– Rapid powder dissolver system 

– Recirculation system

– Linear and progressive dosing system 

– Indirect heating coil

– Programmable temperature

Daniflow – Dimensions