OPTIWASH is a machine for the continuous rope washing of printed and dyed fabrics born from the optimization of the washing systems developed on rope dyeing machines by Danitech.
OPTIWASH allows to obtain unequalled results compared to traditional washing machines, thanks to the module concept.
Each module consists of two tanks that work in counter current with double pump and equipped with 16 nozzles that ensure a constant washing action at varying conditions of level and temperature.
The results obtained with this innovative form of washing allow a reduction in energy consumption of 25-40% compared to conventional washing machines on the market today.
OPTIWASH is supplied in versions with 7 or 10 modules.


  • Low content of fabric inside the machine: about 5 mt per module.
  • High number of contacts between liquor and fabric, there are 16 high efficiency nozzles per module that allow the removal of the unfixed dyestuff from the fibres. 
  • Low liquor content inside the tank: about 120 L per module with counter current system that allows the machine to work with extremely low liquor levels to avoid the contact of the treated material with the dirty water.
  • Fixed counter-current system between two tanks of each single module
  • High filtering power thanks to the presence of one filter per module.
  • Excellent temperature management thanks to the presence of an exchanger for each module.
  • Small machine dimensions.


OPTIWASH is supplied with an automatic system for the introduction of chemical products.
OPTIWASH can be supplied with a continuous reading system of the degree of soiling of the bath to optimize the consumption of water and energy depending on the type of material treated, the degree of coverage of the print and, in case of post-dyeing washing, the tone (optional).
OPTIWASH is available with PH reading probe and heat recovery system (optional).