About Us

We design and manufacture machinery with high technological contents for textile companies

What are we doing? Much more than machines

The Danitech philosophy is to create innovative products with high technical and technological contents..

Our proposals allow to obtain excellent results from the production point of view, always ensuring high versatility and ease of use, minimizing the manual interventions.

Research: a daily and passionate work

In our plants we design and implement solutions to the production difficulties that textile companies face every day.

We do research by comparing ourselves with our customers.
This is our added value.
This is what we can offer to all people who choose Danitech.

Quality and reliability: we create innovative products to define new standards

We study, design and create. Danitech products are manufactured in our factories, controlling all stages of the process.
In this way we ensure that the product exactly matches our promises in terms of efficiency and productivity.
We always work with the same attention to detail per garantire la to ensure the quality of our products.

Sustainability: a daily practice

Safeguarding the environment is no longer a fashion or a luxury.

Danitech designs and manufactures products that guarantee reduced consumption of water, energy and chemicals, with high efficiency from the production point of view, eco-friendly and with great attention to the safety of operators and the working environment.

The word sustainability is an imperative for us, otherwise we would only make machines.