Quality Policy

DANITECH ENGINEERING & SOLUTION proposes a business model that places its distinctive and qualifying factors in the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, in the attention to the Customer, in the quality and specialisation of its products, in the respect for safety and environmental issues and in the continuous improvement of its performance.

DANITECH ENGINEERING & SOLUTION is committed to pursuing a policy of continuous improvement of its performance based on the following principles.

  • Satisfying contractual requirements and complying with stable agreements with customers: explicit, implicit and binding
  • anticipating customer requirements by exploring new technical solutions
  • Comply with the mandatory requirements applicable to the organisation and its context.
  • Define objectives and plans to achieve them, through a system of process indicators and the implementation of appropriate corrective and improvement actions
  • Encourage dialogue, information exchange and collaboration with all stakeholders;

DANITECH ENGINEERING & SOLUTION, to ensure the achievement of its objectives, has implemented a QUALITY management system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 reference standard and is committed in particular to

  • undertake all the necessary activities to determine the risks and opportunities of its organisation
  • strengthen contractual ties with its suppliers

Senago, 19/02/2021

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